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3 tips for holiday shopping on your bicycle

The holiday season can be tricky for a bike enthusiast. Whether you do not have a car or simply prefer to ride your bicycle, you may wonder how you will manage shopping for the holidays. Holiday shopping by bike may be a little challenging at first, but it is possible if you get the right gear and prepare yourself for madness on the roads.

Whether you are purchasing a holiday feast from the grocery store or buying presents at the mall, you can accomplish it all on your bike. Here are some tips for safely and effectively shopping by bicycle.

1. Watch out for cars

This is a good tip to follow all the time, but it requires extra attention during the holiday rush. More vehicles are out on the roads during the winter holiday season, meaning there is a higher chance of you getting hit. Plus, drivers are more distracted, aggressive, impatient and stressed than usual. In addition, there are more drunk motorists. Practice defensive biking techniques and wear protective gear to prevent car-bicycle collisions and injuries.

2. Equip your bike

The right accessories go a long way to helping you achieve your shopping goals. Consider installing these accessories on your bicycle:

  • Front basket
  • Rear rack
  • Bags that mount to a rear rack
  • Detachable bike trailer

If you only need to pick up small things, wearing a backpack may suffice, but the above gear will accommodate more items.

3. Shop more often and purchase less

Shopping a lot may sound stressful and time-consuming, but it is a handy strategy. When you only buy a few items, you can use express checkout lines and deal with biking less weight around. If you shop every day after work and only pick up one or two things, you can achieve your mission in a less cumbersome way.

Biking during the holidays comes with challenges, especially in Los Angeles. But if you are determined, you can do it efficiently and effectively.