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Why you should consider a bicycle commute

Are you thinking about changing up your morning commute? Maybe you are simply sick of spending so much time trapped in the car. Maybe you are starting to look for ways to reduce your environmental impact. For these and other reasons, it may be time to consider a bicycle commute. Below are five reasons that biking to work has become so popular and may be worth considering:

1. It can cut down on your monthly bills. Experts estimate that it costs people around $9,000 per year just to own a car. What could you do with all of that money?

2. It is a great way to fit exercise into your day. You automatically get a nice ride every day without having to rearrange your schedule. You can cancel that gym membership.

3. It’s fun. You’ll enjoy it — likely from the first time you get out there. Most people loved riding bikes when they were kids. Why give that up?

4. You may help the city become safer for other cyclists. Studies have shown that driver behavior around bikes tends to get better when there are more of them. You can be part of that positive change.

5. It’s a great way to wake up. Biking gets you going. Since you won’t be dragging through the day, your work quality may improve.

Naturally, cycling still carries some risks. Accidents can happen, especially when drivers are not careful around bikes and do not allow them to share the road. If you suffer injuries in a bicycle accident, you need to know how to seek financial compensation from an at-fault driver.