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Police seek hit-and-run driver after bicycle crash

Bicycles are a big part of California’s transportation infrastructure. Bikes help adults stay fit and environmentally conscious, and the Bay Area is home to the nation’s first bicycle highway system. The love of bikes often begins in youth, when bikes are smaller and the world seems bigger.

Many residential streets in Southern California feature children riding bikes around the block, and parents look out for the kids in their neighborhood. Community vigilance may help bring a driver to justice after two children were injured while riding their bikes in a San Jose intersection.

A video shows the pair biking on the sidewalk and preparing to cross the street. A white sedan is then seen running a stop sign and attempting to turn right when the driver struck both children. The car then reversed and fled to the left after the collision.

Both children were wearing helmets, but this did not prevent all injuries. The 13-year-old boy suffered a broken wrist and hand injuries, while the 12-year-old girl was dealt a concussion by the episode. A local gardener asked the driver of the car to stop on the video before the car sped off.

The San Jose Police Department is investigating the crash. The driver could face several criminal charges related to vehicular assault and leaving the scene of an accident.

A civil suit can often help claim damages and compensation after a bicycle accident that has caused injury. Legal counsel can help the victims of bike collisions and their families recover from an unexpected episode and get back on the saddle. Consider retaining an attorney’s services while considering civil action against a driver at fault.