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Do some drivers intentionally target bicyclists?

It is hard to believe that some people can be so reckless and aggressive as to intentionally disregard the safety of bicyclists, but unfortunately, it happens. You and other cyclists in California already face numerous dangers on the road. When a driver deliberately tries to harm you, the results can be catastrophic.

Last May, two Winnetka cyclists were struck in what appeared to be an intentional act, as reported by ABC 7 News. As the two rode their bikes from work, a utility truck struck them, sending both to the hospital with serious injuries, where one later died. It may shock you to learn that a witness claimed that it looked as if the driver of the truck meant to strike the bicyclists.

What factors could drive a person to target a cyclist on purpose? It may make better sense when you remember that aggressive driving and road rage are common incidents in California. However, while road rage victims in cars may have a better chance of escaping unscathed, it can be much more difficult for those on bicycles to avoid injury when a vehicle strikes them in an intentional act. The following points can show how a deliberate attack from a motor vehicle driver can be uniquely dangerous when you are on a bike:

  • You would not expect a driver to deliberately hit you, and the attack can come as a complete surprise.
  • You are not as fast on your bike as a car, and you may have difficulty evading someone trying to hit you.
  • On your bicycle, you have much less protection from injury, even when wearing a helmet.
  • An intoxicated driver may have reduced inhibitions and judgment and may think it is funny to sideswipe a cyclist without considering the full consequences of doing so.

As you know, anyone determined to be at fault in an accident may be liable for your injuries. This includes a driver who has harmed you deliberately.